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We are proud to offer Ladies Intro to Pistols classes and defensive shooting courses.

Tuscola County Conservation Club.  

$35  Full details pending.

Call 989 670 5234 for more details.

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 CPL and Fundamental Defensive Pistol  classes scheduled in Caro and your location if requested and safe. See our dates listed below and send us a message from our contact page so we may get you booked in right away.

We are dedicated to bringing information to the responsible gun owner who chooses to exercise their rights to defend their home and families.

CPL renewal course. 3 hr defense oriented review & shooting. $60 & 50 rounds with your carry gun required. Scheduled one on one most weekdays or evenings. 

Contact us now ! 989-670-5234 or through our contact page.

Upcoming CPL and pistol classes:

Saturday 07/15/2017   CPL class Caro Gun Club 9am - 6pm

Saturday 08/19/2017 CPL Class Caro Gun Club 9am-6pm

Saturday 09/09/2017 CPL Class Caro Gun Club 9am-6pm

More dates TBD.  Call for group or private classes of 5 or more.  Pick your date.

Sunday July 30, 2017 12:30 - 4:30 NRA Advanced Defense Pistol course for current or expired CPL holders.  $50 - 150 rounds required.  Call for details. Strong side holster, ammo carrier and reloading devices needed.